Meads from Pasieka Jaros


   Dwójniak Lipiec Perlisty - produced through the fermentation of pure lime honey. This liquor’s lightness comes from a delicate saturation and charcoal purification process. A light note of bitterness revealed in the lime honey is balanced by the dwójniak’s sweetness.

Poured and sold in glass bottles of 750ml.


   Dwójniak “Maliniak” perlisty – another of our meads slightly saturated. As a result of this treatment standard raspberry mead gained a new dimension. Typical raspberry flavor, that gives it vitality, became even more vibrant thanks to the carbon dioxide bubbles. The alcoholic content is around 15%.

Poured and sold in glass bottles of 750ml.

   Trójniak “Trybunalski” perlisty - This is another of our meads which we have decided to give a delicate saturation. In this way, the dryness of Trójniak has been enriched with a note of lightness and refreshment, resulting in an amazing taste experience. As in the case of „Lipiec Perlisty”, here we are dealing with a completely „new” product. While the classic "Trójniak" encourages us to feast at the table, in the sparkling version it tells us to get up from the table and return to fun.

Poured and sold in bottles of 750 ml.

Sparkling meads