Meads from Pasieka Jaros

   Our meads achieve their delicious taste during many years of maturation. The raw material for their production is bee honey, water and herbs.


   As in the old days, we do not use artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, ripening agents and stabilizers. By applying these measures, production could be accelerated and costs reduced. However, this would not be our goal. The taste and nobility of our meads are preserved by storing them in bottles made of the old pottery method from Bolesławiec clay.


When drinking, however, it is worth remembering what the proverb says:

"A little honey will blush,
A lot of honey will change your speech"


The main types of meads produced by our company:



Półtorak - produced by mixing one part honey with a half part of water. Due to the high concentration of sugars, fermentation takes a long time and mead matures after about few years of aging.


Dwójniak - produced by mixing one part honey with one part of water. Dwójniak is sweet mead with maturation lasting few years.


Trójniak - produced by mixing one part honey with two parts of water. This is semisweet mead with maturation lasting around a year.


Fruit meads - are produced by replacing at least 30% of water needed for fermentation with fruit juice. Dwójniak Maliniak is produced by the addition of raspberry juice. Dwójniak Jabłkowy is produced with the addition of apple juice.


Sparkling meads - produced by saturation with carbon dioxide which gives some kind of lightness. Delicate saturation strenghtens the flavour and is perfectly refreshing. Perfect for hot days, but not only. Excellent alternative to the original champagne.